above, below .. redrawing the line

iD aims to change perceptions by working with government officials and business leaders. We collaborate with ministries, tourism boards, investment agencies and private sector entities from manufacturers to service providers. Partnership in nation-branding is critical in order to create a strong message. Why simply "hope" to convey the right message to the right audience? In collaborative partnership we can do it together and work determinedly towards interacting with your audience. By working with you we can discover ways in which to assist you in maximising your competences. Media can be a valuable tool to leverage a nation's international positioning or a company's global standing - whether it be on a bilateral, regional or multi-lateral level - leading to heightened understanding of what the country or individual entity can offer.

So together let's be innovative and find solutions that benefit business, trade and diplomatic relations. With over a decade of experience in international communications we are able to lend our global experience to you. Having worked all over the world we can bring you a fresh new perspective and provide you the media platforms to reach your audience. Print media and TV offer an excellent means to reach into the lives of the audience. Undoubtedly, in our times of high-technology, we can go far beyond "word-of-mouth" recommendations. Some examples of this would include internet marketing and social networking medium like Facebook, Twitter and ASW (A Small World). Meanwhile blogs and other sites offering customer reviews such as Tripadvisor make private experiences more public and can affect brand reputation. Moreover, other means of communication like Skype, instant messaging and text messaging have made communication broader and more spontaneous than ever before. This can take your message to the next level but it is often beyond your control.

You need to help the world know what you are doing and how well you are doing it. Don't hope that someone will 'google' you or discover you by chance. While the worldwide web has put information at our fingertips, let us not forget, as Edwin Arthur Schlossberg says, that "true interactivity is not about clicking icons or downloading files, it's about encouraging communication". At iD we believe in communicating with passion. Join us in redrawing the lines and making your image work for you.