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Many markets already have sophisticated advertising and branding campaigns so there are occasions when our design expertise is not required. Having said that there are times when an innovative idea is conceived in the process of preparing one of our features - such as ThincMalta - Malta's hugely successful destination branding campaign. Launched in iD's 2010 special feature for the Daily Telegraph as a "Through-branding" campaign, it was consequently refreshed and repeated in collaboration with our designer, in iD's 2011 Malta feature. The "Through-branding" focused on key reasons why Malta is an excellent destination for investment and relocation. Where some nations are looking to promote themselves in a cohesive manner in order to send out a specifically targeted message, others are looking to showcase their strengths in a more distinct and corporate manner.

With its tremendous industrial base Turkey is an excellent example of this. Branding in this market tends to be somewhat sophisticated and marked by a high degree of competiveness. However, while many entities have excellent agencies working on their campaigns, some organisations require an ad which goes beyond corporate branding and sends a specific message to the target audience of our features. One such situation was the impressive Erciyas Steel Pipe Co. which has been going from strength to strength in the local and regional markets but did not have the same level of recognition in the UK. iD worked closely with the client in order to create an ad spefically for publication in iD's special feature as published in the Daily Telegraph. The prime positioning on the back cover required an ad that was both impactful and appealing - one that drew the reader in to discover more about Erciyas' strengths and the reasons behind its growing success. Click on the image to view the Erciyas ad .

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