custom publishing

From elaborating quarterly in-house magazines to coffee-table books commemorating events or projects, iD is able to implement its clients' publications with creative expertise. As part of developing clients' brand strategies, iD can also propose publishing concepts to either deepen brand awareness, reach new target segments and expand client bases, further foster the corporate culture or highlight CSR initiatives. With the right investment and distribution channels, such publications can become invaluable marketing tools as well as creating an ideal forum for brand tie-ups and promoting events. Aligning custom publishing initiatives with other branding endeavours ensures greater longevity of brand exposure. An excellent example of this is the commemorative book iD published and distributed at the World Economic Forum on East Asia 2013 for the occasion of the Myanmar - LET THE JOURNEY BEGIN nation-branding launch. It meant that besides viewing the audio-visual elements of the campaign at the WEF (including the TV commercial, the show reel and tourism showcase), delegates and international press essentially took the campaign's essence back home with them to share with their friends and colleagues. In this way clients can extend not only the period but also the reach of their brand message.


Click here to view the WEF Commemorative Book for Myanmar's nation-branding campaign

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