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Gabriele Villa

Gabriele Villa is an Italian citizen but has lived and worked in over 20 countries throughout Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and Asia. He has run projects producing in-depth country reports and special features analysing the key sectors of economies in many of these countries and has a wide-ranging knowledge of most of the critical sectors that are the engines of growth in both developed and developing markets.


As VP - Business Development, Gabriele plays a critical role in the current and future success of Image Diplomacy (iD), bringing a creative yet practical approach to his daily activities as well as identifying markets that will benefit from iD's expertise. He is a team player and truly believes in the power of synergies. Through the founding of iD, Gabriele has fulfilled his wish to bring added value to the campaigns and business facilitation of his clients. His ability to think outside the box, address complex issues and be solutions-oriented has made him and iD a credible and viable consultant for clients seeking to expand their international coverage and communicate their image globally.


Gabriele speaks English, Italian and French.

"Our work is founded on a solid understanding of current market trends on a global scale as well as that in the country we are covering. This enables clients to consult with us and respond accordingly to maximize their visibility on the world stage. We aim to put our expertise at clients' disposal in order to help them foster economic, investment and trade ties with international partners. Moreover we aim to facilitate their business in ways which go beyond the bounds of our own work."