make your image work for you

It is fair to say that global media often feels out of reach to many nations and businesses around the world. Many leaders feel that they only get editorial coverage when the news about their country or company is bad! Sadly, bad press is what most people recall, in particular when it comes to travel and tourism choices or investment decisions. iD aims to change this! While many nations enjoy good recognition from their major trading partners and their main tourism draws in particular, they are keen to cast the net wider and reap the benefits of greater awareness worldwide. Moreover, a large proportion of highly successful companies may be well-known in their own milieu or even regionally, yet do not have the chance to put themselves in front of international audiences or to make their strengths known to a general public on a global level.

Diversification and proliferation of your message to new clientele is vital because reliance on singular trade partners, on tourists coming from one nation or on "seasonal" revenues creates untenable risks for nations and business alike. Indeed, reaching a wider market in a world that seems to grow smaller and more interdependent by the day, has become significantly more important in the latest economic crisis. In fact, in today's market it can be the difference between under-achievement and success. Mutually beneficial interaction between nations, on both a commercial and cultural level, has long promoted confidence and sustained perceptions based on concrete experiences. But how often do we get to hear about these good experiences? While our world is more interconnected than ever before, it represents a contracted global economic environment where one nation is affected by another's decisions. All nations are posturing for business, trade, investment and tourism inflows with new vigour. So it is crucial to be seen at the forefront in this competitive environment - with the right image in the right way. iD has understood that people are starved of hearing about success stories, collaborations and bilateral ties that result in great work and relations. Our experienced team, always in collaboration with the top business leaders, brings our readers the highest quality reports in terms of content, editorial and design.