our iDeology

For a term that was born out of the crisis suffered globally since 2008, the iDeology of iD couldn't be more pertinent or more positive. We invented the expression "image diplomacy" because the premise of the work we do is that it should be a springboard to get the initial message across but that "image" and they way entities are perceived by others is bound up in every experience. It is our task to put that experience at the fingertips of our readers and give our clients an opportunity to connect with them. It is with image diplomacy - on a political, social and commercial level - that new opinions are born, perceived realities are challenged and nations better understand each other.

So image diplomacy is a simple 4-step process:

  • To get your message out there to the right audience above and go beyond simple branding
  • To engage your audience in a decision-making process - whether it is to consider visiting your country, investing in your country/company or making a consumer choice
  • To encourage image diplomacy - by way of recommendations, positive testimonials and reviews, feedback etc
  • To engender greater appreciation and awareness of your brand or reputation through experience rather than pure consumerism

Engaging these audiences and encouraging them to further communicate your message is the launch-pad to success. Providing them with a positive experience that enthuses them is therefore crucial to leading them to a decision-making process. Our special promotional features offer you this platform. Through media we collaborate with you to facilitate your message with thought-provoking editorial illustrating your appeal and demonstrating your offerings. By doing so we bring the audience closer to you...and we bring you closer to your goals.