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Sorcha Hellyer

Sorcha Hellyer is a UK citizen but has not lived in her native Britain since she started on-field campaigns, preparing special features for international media, in 1999. Prior to that, London was her place of work spending less than a year in PR before being headhunted by a recruitment consultancy in the City.


Despite excelling in the areas of networking and placement, Sorcha soon realised that a static corporate environment would not fulfil her desire to know the world better and use her languages. Having spent nearly 2 years in France, both during her degree and after, she felt that she should find a different career path. Sorcha's life in the field of international communications enables her to travel; utilising her inter-personal skills at a higher level and developing cross-cultural competences which came naturally to her. Now her role as Image Diplomacy's VP - Strategic Planning puts to use not only her 12 years of expertise but also her inherent skills of developing relations and creating client-centric solutions that often exceed the expectations of clients participating in iD's global campaigns.


Sorcha speaks English, Italian and French.

"I have now undertaken campaigns in nearly 23 countries over the world including in Europe, Africa, North America, the Caribbean and Asia. I never get tired of the experience of getting "under the skin" of nations and understanding what makes it successful. Even though governments change in countries and the concept of nationhood evolves over time - whether that is through a cultural or historical shift, a change in internal policies or progress that takes place because of the furthering of foreign affairs - I have always been fascinated by what a country's unique selling points are."