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Having gathered a wealth of experience in the preparation of special features and country reports, iD's is able to lend its expertise to sophisticated markets as well as those on the rise and those that are developing. Through close collaboration with both the public and private sectors, the publication of campaigns reposition the brands of nations and aim to change perceptions in the hearts and minds of the readers. So often there is a gap between the reality on the ground in the country being covered and the impression of that country in the target audience. iD works artfully and yet with integrity to close that gap, bringing a new perspective and new opportunities to bear.

Turkey is a prime example of a nation on the rise - touted as one of the largest economies in Europe and poised to become 9th biggest economy in the world by 2050. iD interviewed and consulted with some of the top business leaders in Turkey and officials from government entities to better understand their positioning in the economic landscape - both local and global - as well as their aspirations, strategy and vision for the future.Moreover, iD researched and gathered information from top British officials responsible for overseeing the deepening of ties between the two countries in order to explore what progress is being made. The result was an 8-page broadsheet supplement which was so well received that it was put on the home page of the website of the British Embassy in Turkey.

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