tv production

Highly complementary to its print media specialisation, iD undertakes the creation of TV commercials, show reels, showcases, corporate videos and documentaries. Working closely to address client needs, iD aims to make film more widely accessible to entities and ensures that it is constantly on hand to guide clients through the production stages. From the conceptual phase and branding strategy right through to on-location filming, post-production, media buying, launch and airing, iD endeavours to streamline all elements to bring clients results in record times and within budget - without compromising on quality. In an ever-competitive marketplace - where embracing globalisation has become imperative to success - iD is able to execute cross-platform media strategies by harmonising campaigns with through-branding, website development and social media marketing. Our expertise ensures that even countries and companies with no previous branding experience feel inspired and comfortable about getting their message across multiple platforms. An excellent example of our TV production capabilities is Myanmar's nation-branding campaign - shot on location in early 2013 and launched at the World Economic Forum on East Asia, then on BBC World News, CNA and


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